Using 100% domestic wheat


Our store’s recommendation is the high-density plain bread “Yutaka” made of 100% domestic wheat using “Yumekaori” of Nagano and “Yumechikara” of Hokkaido. Instead of sweetening with honey and fresh cream, there is the inherent sweetness of wheat similar to the sweetness you feel when chewing on rice. Using the flour milling technology unique to “Shokupando” that does not add heat as much as possible, we make sure to bring out the “inherent sweetness of the original wheat, not overly sweetened.” Please enjoy the sweetness and aroma of domestic wheat.

Orthodox style

Literally “Plain”, using carefully selected Canadian wheat grown on the vast Canadian plains. To enjoy the taste of wheat, we do not use honey and fresh cream, and finish it with high density & sweetness.

It has a “Plain top” in which the bread is baked inside the oven inside the bread mold without a top and fermented one step further. A savory and light texture perfect for toast bread.

(Using carefully selected Canadian wheat)

“Plain” is a sweet recommended plain bread at Shokupando. We use carefully selected Canadian wheat, which is characterized by its great scent and crisp texture. The sweetness is modest, but the more you chew, you can enjoy the sweetness of the wheat itself. When it is toasted, the outside is crispy, the inside is chewy, and the scent of the wheat becomes richer.

Plain Top
(Using carefully selected Canadian wheat)

“Plain Top” is a mountain-shaped plain bread made by baking the same dough as “Plain” without a lid. By the manufacturing method which does not hold down the force of fermentation, the crispness becomes all the lighter. Upon toasting, the scent becomes richer, so please toast it to enjoy. It is also a recommended plain bread for sandwiches.


(100% wheat from Shinshu and Hokkaido)

“Yutaka” is the most recommended high-grade plain bread of the salt style bread series at Shokupando, using two kinds of carefully selected domestic wheat from Shinshu and Hokkaido. It is characterized by its fineness and moist and rich taste. On the day of your purchase, please enjoy it without toasting. Upon toasting, it is recommended to use good rich butter.

Whole wheat flour Yutaka
(100% wheat from Shinshu and Hokkaido)

This plain bread is made by blending whole wheat flour from Hokkaido with Japanese wheat from Shinshu & Hokkaido. It is a safe, delicious and healthy plain bread that complements the scent and aroma and has an excellent nutritional balance such as dietary fiber. Dietary fiber equivalent to 5 balls of lettuce can be taken with one loaf, so it is recommended for beauty and health-conscious diet.

Premium Hand-rolled Style

At Shokupando, two kinds of premium hand-rolled plain bread are carefully baked every day. “Raisin” uses large California raisin soaked in rum for one week, carefully hand-rolled and carefully baked. “Cheese Yutaka” is also carefully baked by hand-rolling two kinds of cheese from Hokkaido. The outer side has a golden baked swirl, and when you slice it, you can see the raisins and cheese in a beautiful swirl in the plain bread, stimulating your appetite.

(Premium manual winding using plain)

The large raisins from California are carefully soaked in rum for a week to finish the raisins with rich aroma and richness. Premium bread that is carefully baked carefully and hand-rolled with raisins prepared with great care. Please enjoy it as raw bread.

(Yutaka use premium manual winding)

A luxurious all-Japan bread using two kinds of domestic wheat and two kinds of Hokkaido cheese. As well as bread, it goes well with wine and sake. Add plenty of rough black pepper to make it even more delicious.

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