Recruitment of Franchise

Your childhood dream to be a “baker”

Let’s make that dream come true with the “Shokupando” franchise system that gives everything for plain bread!

“Shokupando” is looking for franchise owners all over the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa who are willing to be able to continue to grow with us.

The Shift of Breakfast from Rice to Bread

Finally, in 2011, the “money used for bread” exceeded “money used for rice”. The “plain bread business” which Shokupando develops is based on a large market where “absolute demand” is expected due to the background in the change in lifestyle and change in food culture, therefore starting as a “stable business” allowing for a “small trading area” of about 60,000 people.

Both rice and Japanese food culture matched how families spent their time together. However, when it came to the modern eating style referred to as individualized meals, this Japanese food style required reheating and precooking, and each time, it took time and effort causing a heavy burden. For individualized meals, the simplification of meal making corresponding to each person’s taste, and the gap of the mealtime of each member of the family, etc., the bread diet came to match the modern individualized meal era.

Change of Food Culture to have Bread for Breakfast

The School Meal Generation does not have resistance for a bread diet

Due to post-war circumstances, the school meal generation became familiar with bread. There is also a shift to a bread diet for aged people and people living alone as well.

With the lifestyle changes such as women’s social advancement and commuting to work and school, the long-standing “rice as a food staple” has changed to “bread as a food staple”. “Delicious fresh baked plain bread” became popular in society, and the “plain bread boom” was born, and “plain bread” has become a new eating culture.

Shokupando as a Rice Shop of Heisei and Reiwa

The change in breakfast culture brings the need for plain bread

As the name suggests, Shokupando is a “Plain Bread Specialty Store”. Therefore, only plain bread is manufactured and sold.

The local bakery in town is very busy. There is a need for a skill to be able to prepare, form and bake a variety of confectionery bread, sandwiches, filled bread, sandwiches, and danishes.

The plain bread specialty “specializes in plain bread” only, so as long as the baker learns how to make plain bread, anyone can open a business independently.

Therefore, the time and effort to start a bakery is overwhelmingly advantageous.


The plain bread bakery’s space is very compact

It is possible to open a store with a 2 or 3-tiered shelf and space just over 3 square meters for selling items.

Specialized in the Production and Sale of Delicious Freshly Baked Plain Bread

As it concentrates only on “plain bread” for manufacturing and selling, it is not as glamorous as a town bakery. There is neither a wide variety of confectionery bread or filled bread. There are no danishes, doughnuts or fried bread.
The loaves of bread showcased in the store are only a few types of “plain bread”.
(We sell several types of domestic ingredient jam)
If you have a store section of about 8 to 10 square meters, and a bread-making kitchen of about 25 to 35 square meters, you can open a well-established “plain bread specialty store”.

What about the competition with the other town bakeries?

As you know, town bakeries are very colorful and brilliant.
Your eyes wander from confectionery bread, filled bread, fried food and danishes. There are sandwiches, doughnuts, French bread and of course plain bread as well.

On the other hand, Shokupando simply provides “plain bread” as delicious bread for meals.
As a bakery, you are the same, however you are different from a town bakery. Shokupando is a “Soba restaurant” but not a “Cafeteria”. Shokupando is a “Ramen Store” but not a “Dining hall”, shall we say…
Therefore, in conclusion, they are both bakeries, but there is no competition.

Items for Sale are only 6 Types of Plain Bread, Sold by the Loaf

Being committed to the manufacturing and selling of “a loaf of plain bread”

We specialize in providing delicious freshly baked plain bread = meal bread.

Shokupando is a franchise store, but each store makes “plain bread” by hand from flour with great care.
We do not bring frozen or chilled dough from the factory, nor do we just bake the dough carried-in from out of the shop. At each store, from the preparation of wheat flour (exclusive powder) and water, the preparation of yeast to baking, craftsmen take charge of all processes and sell the bread at the store.

Created a Startup Manual of the Plain Bread Specialty Store Business with Lecture and Video

Since it is a specialty store, short-term intensive training is possible with few human resources. Furthermore, it is possible to open a store with small capital

Simple store, and simple necessary equipment and fixtures

As you only make plain bread, you can learn the difficult bread making training in a short period of time.
As it is only plain bread, minimal one-man operation is possible.
As it is only plain bread, only equipment and fixtures for plain bread need to be prepared.
As it is only plain bread, the storefront only needs about 5 square meters. For our unique know-how not listed here, please contact us directly.

December 24, 2017 Edogawa-ku Tokyo, Nishikasai Branch Open

They opened Shokupando with just two people

Please take a look at the shops that actually opened. We are a FC membership package that can be opened by married couples, parent and child, and comrades.

On Christmas Eve last year, a new Shokupando branch opened in Edogawa-ku Tokyo, Nishikasai
If you are considering opening a new business, or if you are thinking of business conversion, why not open a long-dreamed bakery “Shokupando” in your town?

“Shokupando” is looking for franchise owners all over the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa who are willing to be able to continue to grow with us.

Is Bread Baking Difficult?

Yes, bread baking is difficult

People who have baked bread as a hobby must recognize this fact.
If you have bread making experience, you know how hard it is to make bread. The amount of water, water temperature, flour formulation, room temperature, fermentation time, oven temperature, etc. By chance, even if you were able to make delicious bread, it may be a product of chance. Technology and knowledge are essential to baking delicious breads.
Therefore, in the world, it is said that “bread baking is difficult”.

We will carefully guide you this difficult bread making with our own curriculum based on our own experience. In addition, since we will teach carefully and gently individually under excellent instructors, such as a craftsman who experienced being a chief of the bakery department at a top-class hotel, or a craftsman who experienced a bread making supervisor at a top-ranked bread maker in the industry, so please be rest assured upon acquiring plain bread baking skills.