For people who want to have their own store (Independence support system)

Experienced persons favorable, inexperienced persons accepted (bread baking training system) 

Shokupando Corporation is developing freshly baked plain bread specialty stores as a franchise.
We are opening directly managed stores as well, so we are looking for bread bakers and supervisors to work for the directly managed stores. Inexperienced applicants welcome. We will be waiting for your application.
*Shokupando does not use frozen dough, and manufacture all products in store.

Business Content 1. Production of bread at a directly managed store (be in charge of the entire process)

– All processes from preparation of specialized powder to baking (frozen dough is not used. Work will start from mixing process)
– Even if inexperienced, please be assured that production trainers will gently and carefully conduct training. You will be able to learn all tasks in about 1 week

2. Supervisor work at franchise stores

– Open help / practical training instruction / follow-up instruction etc.
– Business trips to franchise stores nationwide

3. Mastery of bread baking at directly managed stores in order to apply for the independence support system

– If you have the passion to have your own shop in the future, since we have a training system, you are welcome even if you are inexperienced.
– We will create and transfer surplus stores at headquarter prices

4. Sales profession

– A position as a full-time employee specializing in sales at the store. Those who like to interact with customers and are caring are welcome.

Work location [Shinjuku Main Store] 7-2-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku (7 minutes walking distance from Higashi Shinjuku Station)

[Urawamisono Branch] 1-8-1 Misonohigashi, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
(7 minutes walking distance from Urawamisono Station)

[Other] Stores in preparation to be opening in multiple areas in Tokyo

Working Hours [Bread manufacturing position] 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM (8 hours actual work / break time included)

[Bread sales position] 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (8 hours actual work / break time included)

*Supervisor position uses flexible time system

Holidays We promise a complete acquisition of 8 holidays per month (shift system)
Based on request, it is also possible to change to 6 holidays per month and increase the salary
Employment Status The basic form of employment is full-time employment, but it can be changed to commission upon request
For full-time employees, there is a 3-month trial period
Pay Starting salary 180,000-300,000 yen Determined based on experience and work conditions
Salary increase and bonuses will vary depending on the person’s work, performance and results.
Academic Background High School Graduate or higher (Baking vocational school students greatly welcome)
Teachers of cooking vocational schools (2 years or more) are given preferential treatment upon hiring
Qualifications There are no qualifications need such as dieticians or cooks
For people inexperienced in bread making, we will conduct gentle and careful in-house training
Selection Method 1. Document Screening (CV/ Resume)
2. Interview and store tour in Tokyo or Saitama
3. Final executive officer interview
Remarks Please call or email us for details.
Phone 03-6908-7001